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You might have guessed that traveling around the world to most of the wine regions requires a lot of planning and research! In order to pull together all our databases and articles, I research on-location by interviewing producers from the very vineyard. However I also do extensive research on with wine production information / statistics before traveling. In the hope that this might help with some of your own wine adventuring (or studying for your WSET Diploma or MW), here is a list of some of the resources I have found most useful so far: wine production information statistics global resource database






Global Resources

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine: useful statistics on global wine production

Wine Institute: California-based and US-centric but with a collection of global statistics too



The Americas

Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura: The regulatory body for Argentina. Has the most up-to-date statistics.

Bodegas de Argentina: Domestic trade body with complete list of domestic producers.

The Squeeze Magazine: English-language wine and travel publication with wine & winery guide for Argentina.

Wines of Argentina: The trade marketing body.


Wines of Bolivia: Marketing body with useful statistics and winery guide.


Wines of Brasil: Trade body with useful statistics and winery guide


British Columbia Grapegrowers’ Association: Some free statistics, most require membership.

Canadian Vintners Association: Some statistics on wine production.

Wines of Canada: Modern website with overview of main wine regions.

Wine Marketing Association of Ontario: Excellent site with information on Ontario’s wine regions.

Wines of BC: Marketing website for BC wine regions with guides.

VQA Ontario: VQA regulations, wines and wineries in Ontario.


The Squeeze Magazine: English-language wine and travel publication with wine & winery guide for Chile.

Wines of Chile: The trade marketing body. Statistics on request.


Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura: Trade body with statistics on wine production.


Finger Lakes Wine Country Tourism Association: Tourism board for wine region.

Oregon Wine Board: Promotional body for Oregon’s wine regions and tourism.

Oregon Wine Country: Promotional body for Willamette and Oregon.

Washington State Wine Commission: Trade body for Washington wines with statistics and reports.

Willamette Valley Wine: Willamette Valley promotional body with statistics.

Wine Institute: California promotional body with some national and global statistics.


Austrian Wine: Trade body for Austrian wine with statistics.


Bourgogne Wines: Promoting body for wine region with information on wines and Burgundy AOCs.

Chablis Wines: Educational and tourism site on the wines and regions of Chablis.


Wines of Germany: Trade marketing body with statistics on wine production.


Italian Trade Agency: Overarching government body monitoring all national trade, including wine.

Italian Wine Central: Private wine education site with statistics on national production.


Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho: National regulatory body for wine production with annual statistics.

Wines of Portugal: Trade promotional body with statistics on wine production.


Cava DO: Official website for the Consejo Regulador de Cava. Good info on Cava DO and Cava Paraje Calificado.

Sherry.Wine: Great website with information on Sherry and the region of Jerez.


Swiss Wine: Official portal for the Swiss wine association with information on Swiss wine producers and regions.

Swiss Fine Wine: Great website on the producers in Switzerland with info on the grapes and regions.


Asia & Australasia
New Zealand

New Zealand Winegrowers: Trade body with region guides and statistics on production.

South Africa

Wines of South Africa: Promotional trade body for South African wine. Try SAWIS for stats.


I will continue to update this list as we travel Around the World in 80 Harvests, but please do send any suggestions here!



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