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Be an #80Harvests ambassador!

What is an Ambassador?

People, schools and business leaders who follow 80 Harvests, love wine and want to help us grow! Your role as an ambassador is simple and free, but will have a profound impact in helping us grow the #80harvests community and share the journey with wine lovers around the world.

We take our ambassadors seriously and appreciate your help in being part of the adventure!


What would I do?ambassador
  • Spread the word about 80 Harvests to your community, family, friends, colleagues, clients and, of course, your social media networks.
  • Get creative and use the #80harvests hashtag! Share and inspire others with your wine, travel and harvest photos and stories by using the hashtag #80Harvests. We’ll regram/repost our favorites!
  • Provide feedback and ideas to the #80Harvests team
  • Add  80 Harvests Ambassador on your social media profile or LinkedIn
How do I get started?
  • It’s easy. Fill the form below so we can add you to our Ambassador posse!


What comes next?
  • As part of our inner circle, you will get special email communications from us with the latest news from 80 Harvests and early notice about special events and wine tastings.
  • Share 80 Harvests with your community! P.S. If you are sharing content as a business or school, please make sure to acknowledge 80 Harvests and include www.80harvests.com


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Feel free to email [email protected] for more info, if you have any questions or suggestions.

Know someone who would be a great 80 Harvests Ambassador? Send us an email nominating them!

Thank you for helping us spread delicious wine drops around the world! Your support of 80 Harvests means the world to us, and once we’ve reached all 80 regions along the journey we will have a big party to celebrate – and you will be the first to be invited!

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